Savara Mudigi

 Savara Mudigi is a vocalist, producer,drummer,Dj and actor. His versatility in    the band has played an instrumental role during tour and in the establishment  on their imprint label: Sauti Sol Entertainment.

Since Sauti Sol’s inception in 2006, Savara has remained active in the group  and part of the creation of Sauti Sol two albums: Mwanzo (2008) and Sol  Filosofia (2011). He is currently the main producer working on the band’s  upcoming album.

Inspired by Sauti Sol’s first two albums: Mwanzo and Sol Filosofia, Savara    says, “I write music differently as compared to any other artists out there.    Much as my music will rule the world, heroism and power are at the least of my priorities. I simply want people to feel what I feel when am doing my music.”

Savara has produced most of the songs from Sauti Sol’s new album #LiveandDieinAfrika working closely with Polycarp Otieno aka Fancy Fingers. He occasionally produces for numerous artists like Elani and is constantly networking with international producers and DJs.

Savara completed a Bachelor in commerce/finance from Africa Nazarene University of East Africa in 2012.


Professional Profile

  • Member of the Best African Group (Afrima 2015) Sauti Sol
  • 2014 MTV EMA – Best African Act winner with Sauti Sol
  • 2015 BET Awards nominee with Sauti Sol
  • Cast of VEVE – A local film produced in 2015 and a major hit a the theaters
  • Produced 70% of Sauti Sol’s brand new album #LiveandDieinAfrika, which received 400,000 downloads within the first  48 hours of release.
  • Winner Best Audio producer iof the year  for Sura Yako (Afrima 2015)

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