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07 April 2017

Bien-Aime Baraza

Well, he’s quite the controversial figure, being the most outspoken member of the group. That aside, Bien-Aime Baraza is one of the most naturally gifted vocalists in Africa, a skilled songwriter, performer, guitarist. He is currently learning how to play the piano. Bien is a journalist by profession (which explains why he is able to articulate issues on his social media accounts with wit and finesse). But hey, you kind of know this already if you’ve been following Sauti Sol’s career closely. However, what you do know is that Bien-Aime is a very passionate character when it comes to music, education, kids, his family and social-economical issues in our day-to-day society. His infectious personality makes him a darling to many.

Follow: @bienaimesol on Instagram to laugh your lungs out and stay woke!

BienAime Baraza on stage in Arusha, Tanzania (2016) MAINSHOW-7956

bien chiki  Bien and his dad (Baraza) Bien Graduation bien sautisol-1483820688734    sautisol-1483820663608

DSC_4334 Sauti Sol + Obama & Uhuru (June 2015) DSC_4652  Sauti Sol_Kuliko Jana_-46 sautisol-1483820616058 sautisol-1483820632297


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