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25 September 2017

Our Response to Ketty Nivyabandi’s open letter

Dear Ketty,

You are an incredible fan. The way you engaged with us embodies the kind of fan that we are proud to call the Sol Generation. A generation of passionate, epic thinkers and doers.

Over the years, we have received numerous requests from our fans on social media to come and play in Burundi. When the invitation came by the Kenya Burundi Business Association in conjunction with the Kenyan Embassy to perform at the Kenya Burundi Trade Expo to represent Kenya, we were happy to take up the opportunity. Our trip and performance in your beloved country, was not by invitation from the government of the Republic of Burundi.

As a self proclaimed a fan of Sauti Sol, you know our music speaks of peace, love and unity. These are the universal values we believe in and express in our music and the kind of values that we represent as Sauti Sol. Opinions will vary and it is not our personal mission to take sides. Our mission is to highlight the values of peace, love and unity above all.

As Sauti Sol, we leave politics to the politicians and let our message of peace, love and unity speak for itself. For those on either side of political matters, we would hope that they too would to be guided by these same values and principles in their decision making. Neutrality is therefore key for us as it allows us to be able to pass on this message anywhere we go without it being politicized and used for any one’s benefit alone.

For this reason, we agreed to perform at the Kenya Burundi Trade Expo and we will continue to spread our message and values in our music wherever we go.

We feel deeply for the pain and suffering your country has gone through in the recent years, and we wish only the best for the people of Burundi and the government to find a way to resolve the disputes that have caused the pain you talk of in your letter to us.

With peace, love and unity,

Sauti Sol


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