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14 March 2017


When your efforts are appreciated, never take it for granted. After touring vast regions of the continent throughout their massive Live and Die in Afrika Tour in 2016, February 12th 2017 marked the first time ever in their lives, for Sauti Sol, to play live in Congo. Little did they know this would be one of the best shows of their careers. The love and energy shown by the people of Congo was such an amazing experience from start to finish. The audience kept on jumping, dancing and chanting the name ”Sauti Sol” “Sauti Sol” “Sauti Sol” amidst the down pour. What’s even more impressive is that the audience sang their lyrics word for word throughout the show, song after song. Sauti Sol went ahead on their social media platforms after the show to thank the fans; We’re still in shock! For braving the rain, listening with your hearts and showing us mad love, thank you Congo! God bless you all.”


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