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02 August 2017


We have been in the industry for over ten years now. When we started out I was a fashion disaster I mean I look at the pictures from before and I can’t understand what was going through my mind when I put on certain pieces together. My street style now is simple but elegant.


My one fashion confession is that I am a shoe hoarder I have more than 70 pairs of shoes in my house.


My must have in the closet are sunglasses, extra wrist watch, cologne and Skinny Jeans these are very essential.

When I leave the house other than my phone and sunglasses I always have with me my dignity.

Gold or Silver?

Gold for sure

My style on stage has been evolving and I am becoming bolder and daring each time. I consider myself a rock star on stage. Sometimes I have black nail polish on stage. Being an entertainer I experiment a lot.

Picture blue hair and a picture on stage with gloves and see through vest



Every time I am leaving for a gig, I have an extra pair of clothes, deodorant, wet wipes and cologne in my bag. You have to stay fresh all time.



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